1. When necessary, the company will send experienced technical engineers to the site to provide services to users. The company's technical engineers will be in the user's environment, experience the system's operating conditions in detail, communicate face-to-face with users, and conduct reliable and effective fault prediction, problem tracking, abnormal troubleshooting, and system optimization.

2. If there is an authorized office in the local city, the authorized office is responsible for providing localized on-site technical support; if travel is required, the user shall bear the travel accommodation expenses of the Internet Sianan engineer and the labor cost of the engineer.

3. Provide 1 year free service; 1 year later to implement fee-based service, technical service fee 2500 yuan / person day; if a large increase in functionality or modification is involved, the amount of work will be charged separately. If the hardware equipment fails outside the warranty period, the maintenance cost shall be borne by the user; if the failure is caused by improper operation of the user, and during the free service period, the company will only charge the travel fee and exempt the technical service fee.