Main Features:

1、Frequency range:400~470MHz

2、101 channels

3、With LCD display easy to read the information.

4、High/low power selectable(H/4W,L/1W)。

5、High capability battery(1200mAH)

6、CTCSS (50 codes)and DCS  (+ -83)To avoid interference from other radios

7、PC software programming and copy function for easy operation.

8、Auto-power saving.

9、VOX function.

10、Key-pad locked to avoid the error operation.

11、SQL function

12、Key press beep on/off function.

13、Battery power display.

14、Wide and narrow band selectable:25KHz/12.5KHz

15、 Priority channel scan.

16、Receiving and transmit CTCSS/DCS independently adjustable.



       Frequency range:                         400-470Mhz Whole Range

       Memory channels:                        128

       Channel space:                             12.5kHz  or 25kHz selectable

       Operating temperatures range:     -20℃ --- +60℃

       Voltage:                                          7.2V

       Standby currency:                          about 15mA


       RF Power Output:            At 7.2V  HI=4W±0.5dB   LO about 0.5W

       Transmit current:              HI about 1.6A   LO about 600mA

       Modulation:                       Frequency Modulation (FM)

       Maximum deviation:          ≤±5kHz or ≤±2.5kHz selectable

       FM Hun & Noise                <-60dB


       Receiving sensitivity:                <-122 dBm (12dB SINAD)

       Squelch sensitivity:                   <0.16uV

       Inter-modulation:                       60dB

       Audio output power:                  ≥500mW

       Receiving current:                     ≤140mA

       Squelch standby:                      15mA