Bluetooth Built-in Two Way Radio

Matching bluetooth headset for intercom directly, achieve wireless intercom


      668P Main Features

1.     Frequency range: 400-470MHZ

2.     Voice reported function in both English and Chinese(Optional)

3.     High/Low power switchable: 5W

4.     Wide/Narrow Bandwidth

5.     CTCSS 50/DCS 83 to avoid interference from other radios

6.     VOX function Release your hands for convenient use

7.     TOT Function. Avoid damage due to the long-term transmit

8.     BCL Function

9.     Scan function. Scan and receive all the conversion channel

10.   FM Radio, Know more about the latest news

11.   Battery Save and Long Standby

12.   Built in Bluetooth (Optional)

All the above function can be programmed by PC. The transceiver also has the below function:

1.     Emergency alert. Keep you safe and comfort.

2.     Noises cancel function. Can clear up the noise after conversation ended.

3.     Channel locked function

Technical Information


       Frequency range                            400MHZ-470MHZ

       Number of channel                       16

       Channel spacing                             12 5KHZ/25KHZ(Optional)

       Modulation                                     Frequency Modulation( FM)

       Operating temperature range     -20C---+55 ℃

       Voltage                                             7.4V

       Standby Current                             About I5 mAh (Power Save)

       Size                                                    100(H)×58(W)×36(D)

       Weight                                              About 205g


       Frequency Distortion                       ±3ppm

       Output power                                    ≤5w

       Emission current                                ≤1.5A

       Maximum frequency deviation       ±5KHZ

       Audio frequency distortion             <10%

       Adjacent frequency                           <70dB

       Residual radiation                             <-60dB


       Reference sensitivity                        <-122 dbm (12DB SINAD)

       Squelch sensitivity                            <-126 dBm

       Rated Audio Power                           ≥ 500mw

       Receiving current                               ≤380mA

       Audio frequency distortion             <10%

       Adjacent- Channel Selectivity          ≥60db

       Intermediation Rejection                  ≥60dB